Charity Tax For Casino

Recently, the Hippodrome Casino opened up in Leicester Square, with many hoping that it will be a roaring success. A different scandal is now rocking the Europe casino news scene however, as co founder and tycoon Jimmy Thomas has not been shy about complaining about current government tax policies with regards to a recent VAT [...]

Italy Is Number 1 for Poker In Europe

When you are asked to think of any country with a thriving online casino gambling industry, Italy probably isn’t the first that comes to mind given that gambling is technically illegal there.

Baccarat is hot and happening

A lot of people think that baccarat is meant only for the high rollers; a stiff game that is meant only for the rich and the elite who are smoking their cigars and drinking their champagne. That’s quite an image huh? But in reality the game of baccarat is enjoyed by a far more diverse [...]

Spain set for online gambling boom

Spain is following in the footsteps of the European casinos of Denmark and is making its way into the world of online gambling. Spain will be the next European country to legalize online gambling and implement regulations and proper industry reforms. After Germany, France and Italy, Spain has the largest economy in Europe.

PokerStars Releases First Italian iPhone App

Online Casino giant PokerStars has launched its very first Italian language mobile poker app, available immediately to iTunes users everywhere. According to an eGaming report, the game gives players the ability to compete in Texas Hold’em and Omaha style poker tournaments 24 hours a day.

French Review Report Approved

It is good news from France as Senator Francois Trucy of the French Advisory Committee on Gaming has come up with a report that has been approved by the Senate Finance Committee. One of the main issues addressed in this report is the restrictiveness of the current legislation towards online gambling. In an attempt to [...]

German State Says Online Betting OK: Bwin Pleased

Bwin, the Austrian based gambling giant, has a lot to be happy about. The German State of Schleswig-Holstein split from the rest of the country and passed a law that paves the way for liberalization of the region’s online gaming market. Bwin got a great boost from this new decision. Over 20% of Bwin’s revenues [...]

Goodbye to the White List

The UK has decided to make quite a few changes to it gambling laws and the first and foremost chance will be the replacement of the ‘White List’ system which recognizes licensed granted by certain jurisdictions as if those licensed were issued by the UK, but with its own requirements for licenses. Economic Development Minister, [...]

More Licensing opportunities from Isle of Man

The Isle of Man has been one of the most reputed online gambling regulators. The iron clad licensing policies ensure that casinos that receive licenses are of the best quality. Of course this regulatory business has been quite beneficial to the Island and now they seek to expand it even further. The Island proposes to [...]

Alderney Certificate Awarded To Cayetano Gaming

Cayetano products are now available to Alderney-licensed operators. Cayetano Gaming, European casino specialists, has this week reported that it has been granted a software supplier certificate from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. This means that it now has permission to license its internet casino games to Alderney operators.

Greek Gambling Monopoly Now Online

The CEO of the Greek gambling monopoly OPAP, Ioannis Spanoudakis, recently revealed that the company had plans to expand it’s business with online casino gambling. He did specify that the costs of the plan would play a significant role in the future events. He further motioned that along with being cost effective and productive company [...]

Police Raid Online Casino in Russia

It is fair to say that Russia is going through a tough time when it comes to their gambling industry. First we witnessed the relocation of land based casinos to remote parts of the nation in the past few years and we also witnessed online casinos trying to fill the void caused by the relocation [...]

European Commission Rejects Romanian Online Gambling Regulations

Once again, the European Commission has rejected Romania’s proposal to regulate online gambling. It is believed that the European Commission was very much concerned that Romania’s proposal may be adverse to the EU law.

Bulgarian Ban on Gambling Advertizing Is Unfair

The European online gambling market continues to swell because countries located in the Baltic region are soon to make alterations in their internet betting rules and regulations. But some of the European countries find it hard to stay with the European Union membership which includes compliance of ecommerce due to their introduction of offshore online [...]

Playtech to Power Italian Online Casino

Italy is one of the casino hubs in European and here is the happy casino news for all Italian gambling lovers out there. The leading online casino software provider, Playtech, has come forward to power an online casino that is to be launched by the famous mobile entertainer company Buongiorno.

Finland accessed with more Online Gaming Options

People of Finland are always ready to show their love for gaming, even though they have a market that is conventional when it comes to online gambling. Well who would not love it, if playing online casino games is totally legal? Yes online casino games are legal in Finland but, do not expect to see [...]

European and American Online Gambling

If America is going to follow in the footsteps of Austria it is going to be a tough time for law makers who are fighting to keep international online gambling companies at bay. It is a win-win situation for Austria as the European Court of Justice has rules against restrictions that were forced on foreign [...]

A Look At The European Online Gambling Market

The European online gambling market has undergone a number of changes over the past few months. Online gambling operators have agreed to follow the regulatory regimes of individual countries even though these regimes are stacked completely against private enterprises. And why have the online gambling operators agreed to do so? This is because European casinos [...]

The Roman Empire is back

One can never forget the Roman Empire and the glory that the soldiers risked their lives for. To take this beautiful era and make it into a theme for a slot game can only be executed well by the software developer Playtech. All the little details that would remind you of the civilization that always [...]

European Countries Struggle In 2010 World Cup

So far in this years World Cup football tournament in South Africa, the big European teams have been struggling. France have lost to Mexico and drawn against Uruguay form their two games leaving them one game away from being knocked out! There has been big problems in the French camp due to those very poor [...]

Increased Taxes and Regulated Online Betting Coming to Ireland

Ireland for a while now has been trying to change its gambling laws which are old and outdated. The Irish gambling horse racing industry is becoming less popular with falling attendances; similar to what is happening in the USA. So what can be done to change things?

Germanys Reflects On Sports Betting Monopoly

The debate on Germany’s monopoly on sports betting caught its attention by Advocate General Paolo Mengozzi of the European Court of Justice. Mengozzi said that there are no borders for online gaming when referring to Carmen Media Group and Markuss Stoss. He also said that new technologies have created complex legal situations all across Europe [...]

France Meets Eu Concerns With Changes To Online Casino Rules

In the last few months more and more European countries have begun working on legislation to license and regulate Euro online casinos and gambling sites on the internet. However, all online casino legislation must be permitted by the European Union and they are not making it any easier for the gamblers. The European Union is [...]

Latvian Mobile Casino Games

CTXM, an online gaming software provider based in Latvia of Northern Europe, is now channeling its efforts to delivering mobile browser based games to iPhone users. The company is offering a range of 3 new casino games. Now users can avail video slots, blackjack roulette and casino hold’em which will be available to iPhone users [...]

Gambling Banned In Poland

Following a period of political crime linked to payments made by gaming operators, the Polish government has decided to restrict gambling in most accessible venues, allowing only live casinos to carry out gaming. Slot machines that are available across the nation will be pulled, and other gaming options like online casinos will be forbidden.

German Casinos: Persist Strict Clothing Code

By: Sharon Gerad Holidaying at German Casino is an extremely fresh experience for each American! The majority of European Casinos are in an absolutely diverse group than the American Casinos! Ahead of you fix on towards a holiday at European Casino you have to notify yourself on the standing of the casino, his past background [...]

Casinos in Poland

document.write(”) By Staff Writer The seven sites below the Casinos Poland product are on the verge of being sold in the forthcoming months. They are possessed by LOT, the Polish airline, also by the Polish Airports Authority, which have specified a readiness to advertise their attentions. It is anticipated that the casinos will be advertised [...]