Baccarat is hot and happening

A lot of people think that baccarat is meant only for the high rollers; a stiff game that is meant only for the rich and the elite who are smoking their cigars and drinking their champagne. That’s quite an image huh? But in reality the game of baccarat is enjoyed by a far more diverse gaming population and this is mainly because of baccarat’s pop culture references. So take a walk down memory lane and allow Europe Casino News to show you how and when baccarat has ‘popped up’ in pop culture over the years.

You’ve all seen the James Bond movies. I mean who hasn’t. The suave and seductive undercover agent is known for his love for war, women, ‘shaken, not stirred’ martinis and of course baccarat! That’s right, Agent 007’s love for baccarat became known when author Ian Fleming penned down the words in his 1953 novel Casino Royal. James Bond takes on villain Le Chiffre in a game of Chemin de Fer. Hollywood has help immortalize Bond’s connection to baccarat by featuring the game in movies like Golden Eye, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Thunderball.

Hollywood movies have been a real help in making baccarat happening and fun. Rush Hour 3, starring the dynamic duo Jackie Chan (Agent Lee) and Chris Tucker (Agent James Carter), has a really funny baccarat scene where Carter tries to impress a woman (Genevieve). Carter enters the game and is dealt two kings, he demands that the dealer “hit” him like in blackjack. He gets dealt another king and is happy thinking he has a strong hand, but of course the dealer tells him that his score is zero and he loses.

Now watching baccarat in movies James Bond movies or Rush hour movies or even the other casino movies that we have seen over the years is pretty understandable. But when Star Trek has baccarat in it, you know the game is going places! I think baccarat is the only casino gambling game that has been featured in a space adventure series! Check out Star Trek Season 4, and episode called “Our Man Bashir”. It has a scene where Lieutenant Julian Bashir has to play baccarat in order to win his friends’ freedom in a holodeck (which is a simulated reality facility). To think that baccarat made it to those galaxies far, far away is pretty cool.

Baccarat has also been featured in some very popular cartoons one of them being Pinky and the Brain. If you have watched the show you should know that Brain is an evil mastermind (who tends to forget that he is a white mouse that escaped from a science lab!). Brain is always making plans to ‘take over the world’. In a season4 episode called “Brain’s Way”, Brain plans to go back in time to 1967 to run a Las Vegas casino where players are only allowed to play baccarat. Brain believes that baccarat is the only game that requires real strategy. Ironically, baccarat strategy is actually pretty simple and anyone can learn it a few minutes. Maybe that’s why Brain’s plot didn’t quite work out as planned.