German State Says Online Betting OK: Bwin Pleased

Bwin, the Austrian based gambling giant, has a lot to be happy about. The German State of Schleswig-Holstein split from the rest of the country and passed a law that paves the way for liberalization of the region’s online gaming market. Bwin got a great boost from this new decision. Over 20% of Bwin’s revenues come from Germany and the company had been quite concerned about the strict gambling regulations that were proposed in April.

This new decision by the State of Schleswig-Holstein has been like a breath of relief for the online gambling company. Another popular internet gambling operator who is happy about this new move is Betfair. Peter Reinhardt, head of Betfair’s German operations said that this new decision would not only benefit the consumers but would also work wonders in boosting the coffers of the state government and local sporting clubs as well. We only hope that more states will follow the example of Schleswig-Holstein and allow licensed and regulated online gambling.