More Licensing opportunities from Isle of Man

The Isle of Man has been one of the most reputed online gambling regulators. The iron clad licensing policies ensure that casinos that receive licenses are of the best quality. Of course this regulatory business has been quite beneficial to the Island and now they seek to expand it even further. The Island proposes to offer new licensing opportunities to new businesses and business services.

This new level of licensing has been introduced to recognize the increasing importance of the relationships between B2B businesses. This Network Services Licensing has provisions in the existing Online Gambling Regulation Act of 2001. Garth Kimber, Head of eGaming Development for the Isle of Man government stated that the introduction of this level of license would help satisfy every model of gaming business in the Isle of Man.

This licensing provision would cover a number of businesses right from those people who are selling their platform capabilities to many other businesses with direct customers. He further explained that the new licensing provision would help the Island keep at pace with the ever evolving online gaming industry, but without complicating the licensing process.