PokerStars Releases First Italian iPhone App

Online Casino giant PokerStars has launched its very first Italian language mobile poker app, available immediately to iTunes users everywhere. According to an eGaming report, the game gives players the ability to compete in Texas Hold’em and Omaha style poker tournaments 24 hours a day.

You may be thinking “I’m English, I don’t understand Italian.” This is where PokerStars have really brought out their best, as the app is available in all major European languages including English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, and even Russian. Most iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users will be able to download the game from their App Store and can get started with a great game of poker straight away. Another couple of superb features sees the app full of guides and tutorials, as well as a really useful new chat function. We’re hoping for a video chat option ourselves!

The Italian gambling market has been a bit wobbly in recent years, but PokerStars have been one of the few companies to keep their head above water in the strict country. During the reforms PokerStars’ Italian language website has risen to the top of the league and is now enjoying a very nice spot in the top 10 poker sites. When we say top 10, we mean the world by the way. In terms of European casinos they come very close to the top. According to various traffic counting sources, the online casino pulls in thousands of cash game players every hour. Impressive.

When you look deeper into the facts, it would appear that both PokerStars’ French AND Italian sites are in the top list, which should give you a really good idea just how well the company is doing in Europe right now. Now all they need to do is burrow their way into the notoriously hard cookie to crack in the form of the US gambling scene to create a truly magnificent splash in the online casino world.