Spain set for online gambling boom

Spain is following in the footsteps of the European casinos of Denmark and is making its way into the world of online gambling. Spain will be the next European country to legalize online gambling and implement regulations and proper industry reforms. After Germany, France and Italy, Spain has the largest economy in Europe.

Owing to its large virgin markets, online gambling operators are keen on investing in Spain’s upcoming gambling market. Better yet, specialists are predicting that Spain will have to prepare itself for a gambling industry boom. According to a report by the Media and Entertainment Consulting Network, Spain’s online gambling market is likely to grow to as much as 680 million Euros by 2015. The report says that at least 80% of major operators are likely to apply for a license to operate in Spain. The gambling licenses are rather pricey and taxes are as much as 25% of gross revenue. But operators are still calling this a good deal because they know that Spanish license will pay off eventually.

The most important reason for these predictions is that Spain is already set to enter the gambling industry, whereas Germany, one of the largest potential markets, is still divided on the issue of the legalization of online gambling.